PenFed Credit Union is one the country’s strongest and most stable financial institutions with over 1.6 million members. They provide members of the National defense and security communities superior financial services across all financial channels.


Decrease the percentage of people abandoning their applications as well as keep users engaged during the online process.


Improve user engagement by redesigning and optimizing all online form applications.


Lead UI Designer, Art Direction, UX Designer (Sketch, Invision)


Design Thinking

War Room

For a week, we conducted several “design thinking” sessions with multiple stakeholders to better understand the pain points that users were having before they chose to abandon the application process. There were 4 major touch-points within the user experience that we wanted to capture: Before the user leaves, user leaving, user re-entry and after the user finishes the application. From there, we incorporated our quantitative research to better synthesize the traditional and modern methodologies used when creating online applications that meet customers needs.


Identifying the Pain Points

The user’s pain points ranged from having an overwhelming amount of information to fill out to their ability to seamlessly re-enter the application process after initial abandonment. These pain points also revealed a deep level of disconnect between our products and our users. Storyboarding assisted us in walking through a variety of "pain-point" scenarios that the entire team could see. From there, we worked on incremental innovations that could help alleviate the frustration user's were experiencing.

Art Direction

Starting with the Concept

We wanted to drastically decrease the cognitive load of our from applications and implement visual restraints that would improve the clarity and function of the overall design. Another goal was to also attract more millennials to our products, so leveraging our market research and insights on form optimization and form design was essential during the ideation phase.

Illustration Style

Blue & Green People

In every conversation, there's a story. We wanted to leverage that idea and expand it into series of illustrations across all of our online applications. Finding a minimalistic style within the character development was essential when coupling it with the design of the online form.


Time flies when you're having a great conversation! And that's the kind of experience we wanted to give users when they were filling out online applications. By giving each application a narrative it allowed us to turn the application process into a memorable conversation.

Skills Used

UI Design, Web Design, UX Design, Graphic Design, Email Design (Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Invision)

U.S. Navy

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